Monday, January 17, 2011

I whipped up the above design for Volume Bicycles "Thrasher" frame. This is a redesign of what they currently have and apparently they want more colors and it to be more "graphic-ey" than what I've provided. Anyway, I thought it was a cool theme and its based off a Burzum tape I found. I felt like Burzum embodied all that is "Thrasher" and the stark black on white frame color scheme would've added to its evil. Also, we listen to Burzum a lot when we ride bikes. None of my friends are nazi's---we just like brutal music.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Damn its been a long time since I've updated but I'm gonna try and use this thing to post more previews and put more tripe that I shouldn't bog my website down with.
I am currently working on a Cradle of Filth poster that I'm hoping invokes something magickal when it's done. The word of light reveals itself.
Anyway, here's a preview of a Daniel Johnston poster I'm working on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New updates

Lots of things have been going on!! So much so that I have had little to no time to post anything up here.
Anywho, after having an animation featured in the Xavier:Renegade Angel contest on Adult Swim, I have been getting pretty steady gigs for work.
btw you can view my animation by going here

One new project we're working on is a video for Zach Hill (Hella, Team Sleep, The Advantage)'s new project Chll Pll. It will be about 80% animation and about 10% live action.
I should probably clarify what I mean by "we" at this point.
"We" is a collective of artists that I knew from the Houston, TX area that have jumped on board to help animate video projects and print projects I get.
"We" go by the name Funwunce.
Everyone I work with are phenomenal artists-- go check out their work at the link above.

Another project we have started is a video for the band Black Moth Super Rainbow. We are doing an animated video for the song "Tooth Decay" off of their forthcoming album Eating Us.
We get the chance to work with PFFR on this one so we're all totally stoked.

Alllllsooo - I got commissioned to do the new European Tour shirts for Philadelphia, PA based Psych-Grind band An Albatross.
Here is a picture of the early draft of said shirt.

Also, I will be posting screen shots of the aformentioned video(s) soon.

Stay posted!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stills from New Animations Part 1 - FM Static

Above are some stills from the FM Static video I've been working on with director Van Blumreich. I did all the hand drawing and water coloring was done by Tim Dorsey.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sketches from new FM Static video

I'm working on doing some animation for some upcoming videos for the band FM Static (Tooth and Nail). These are some early sketches I did of the main character/notebook sketches that follow the art direction of the CD packaging.I will be working on the video with director Van Blumreich, who I did videos for Copeland and The Presidents of the United States of America with. More to come soon!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Westheimer Block Party Poster

This is the step-by-step process I went through to complete a Screen Printed Poster for Houston, TX Westheimer Block Party. The first few drawings are blue pencil/graphite sketches and then it proceeds to the photo of the pencil drawing, and text layout/editing in Adobe Illustrator.
Comments appreciated

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dallas, TX High-Rise Graphic Install

These are some photos of a Vinyl installation my friend Gabriel Cavazos and I did. We do work for sign companies and we got contracted to design and install vinyl graphics in each 4 floor stairwell in the building. The stairwells were on the corners of the building and were surrounded in glass so that from the freeway you could see baroque designs traveling up the stairs of the building. It looked really cool when we were done and overall was a 2-3 week project from concept to completion. Click on the image for larger view.