Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pencil Test GIFs

So here are some small pencil tests I've done in recently that I just kind of did the lead frames for and scanned in to Photoshop and made into a GIF to make sure my fluidity is right. So far, I do not think it is as spot on as I would like it to be but, I am ready to crack down and learn everything I can about animation. I have an intense amount of fun doing this and I would have to say there are few experiences in life that Ive had that parallel replicating movement and life from a series of drawings. Pretty rad.
Anyway, here they go---(click the links)

Pencil test #1

Pencil test #2

Pencil test #3
this one is supposed to be God playing baseball with your mind.

FPH Magazine Web Pencil Sketch
For Houston based monthly publication Free Press Houston

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