Friday, December 5, 2008

Some early pictures of the Presidents of the USA puppets for the video

The video is completed now but I wanted to post up some pictures of the puppets that I made. We ended up roto-scoping footage we shot of the musicians heads onto footage we shot of the puppet bodies moving and rocking.
The little black button looking things are actually thumbtacks with cork backings that I colored black as well. It was my way of making hinges for the joints of the body. I spaced the cork backing kinda far off of the character so there was a very free range of motion a la "Randy" from Pee Wee's Playhouse.
Unfortunately, we ended up lighting all the puppets on fire for the video but we ended up using After Effects to simulate fire because it is a major pain trying to key out the green screen areas when something is burning. :(
I'll have a link to the Hi-Res version of the video up soon, as well as the Copeland video.
---Sorry the photos are all blurry---

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