Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Wires and Buttons" and "Delilah" videos DONE!!!

Young Mammals - "Wires and Buttons"

"Wires and Buttons" - Mark Armes from mark armes on Vimeo.

Young Mammals - "Delilah"
The Young Mammals won Song of the Year, Best new Band, and Best Indie Rock at the 2007 Houston Press Music Awards as a result of their very hard work and the independent release of the "Delilah" video.

"Delilah" Young Mammals from mark armes on Vimeo.

I had the very fortunate opportunity to work with the director Mark Armes and the Young Mammals to produce two amazing videos. On the video for "Wires and Buttons' I was absent from the set but I helped Color Correct the B&W footage in post and attempted to re-create the sharp contrasts used in old Zombie movies. In the "Delilah" video I basically created the rigs that brought the snack foods to life and helped with overall art direction.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pencil Test GIFs

So here are some small pencil tests I've done in recently that I just kind of did the lead frames for and scanned in to Photoshop and made into a GIF to make sure my fluidity is right. So far, I do not think it is as spot on as I would like it to be but, I am ready to crack down and learn everything I can about animation. I have an intense amount of fun doing this and I would have to say there are few experiences in life that Ive had that parallel replicating movement and life from a series of drawings. Pretty rad.
Anyway, here they go---(click the links)

Pencil test #1

Pencil test #2

Pencil test #3
this one is supposed to be God playing baseball with your mind.

FPH Magazine Web Pencil Sketch
For Houston based monthly publication Free Press Houston

Comments are much appreciated!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vector Art

These are two vector art pieces I designed in Adobe Illustrator. More than anything they were just exercises but I really liked the way they turned out. The top picture is a design I made a few months ago, and the bottom one I just designed tonight for a friend (who liked the top one), and wanted me to design something like that for her house. I'm going to print it on Photo Paper on an HP8000 Solvent printer tomorrow at 14"x14". The top picture also won a few awards for vector art on DeviantArt.
Click either for large view

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Drawn Smogether

About to meet up with Mark Armes to start adding some scenes to an animated short we've been working on. We're hoping the run time ends up to be about 2-3 minutes so that we can start submitting it some animation festivals.
I have that in the works and I have a music video for a Houston, TX-based hip hop artist Perseph One that's coming up. Really stoked on the Perseph video because I'm basically getting free reign to do whatever kind of animation I want in it.
I'll have some stills posted up for both once I get to a scanner.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Some early pictures of the Presidents of the USA puppets for the video

The video is completed now but I wanted to post up some pictures of the puppets that I made. We ended up roto-scoping footage we shot of the musicians heads onto footage we shot of the puppet bodies moving and rocking.
The little black button looking things are actually thumbtacks with cork backings that I colored black as well. It was my way of making hinges for the joints of the body. I spaced the cork backing kinda far off of the character so there was a very free range of motion a la "Randy" from Pee Wee's Playhouse.
Unfortunately, we ended up lighting all the puppets on fire for the video but we ended up using After Effects to simulate fire because it is a major pain trying to key out the green screen areas when something is burning. :(
I'll have a link to the Hi-Res version of the video up soon, as well as the Copeland video.
---Sorry the photos are all blurry---

Good Morning

So last night I went to a film premiere for my buddy Van Blumreich at Dean's. Pretty rad turn out. He played two music videos I had the honor of working on but unfortunately, I showed up kinda late so I only got to see one of them. We had a chance to make music videos for Copeland and the Presidents of the United States of America (i know right?!). The videos were fun to work on but required some very tedious time hand-cutting little objects out of polystyrene. For the Copeland video, Mark Armes and I produced Stop-Motion Animation for the last, Id say 3rd, of the video. I built all the props/puppets and did Live Action Animation on the Presidents of the United States video. Both will have pics and links up soon.